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I didn't mean petty. ...'suoshee?'

...that's Chinese for 'petty.'

Inara Serra
22 September
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· Inara Serra ·

Name: Inara Serra
Age: 29
Rank: Outside of the village, registered companion. In the village, the owner of the Chinese temple.
Physical Description: Dark hair, dark eyes, olive complexion. Average height and slender in build.
Brief Bio: Inara is a trained companion of men and women able to pay the price. She joined the crew of Serenity in order to give them some sort of class. She's dying, and has been dying, from a heart disease called cardiomyopathy.

· hearts & minds ·

Inara came to the village just after the events with Jubal Early on Serenity, as she prepares to leave the ship. When Mal arrived in the village, she realized she had a unique opportunity here, without their respective lifestyle choices getting in the way, to explore a relationship with him.

· disclaimer ·

I am in no way affiliated with Firefly, FOX, Joss Whedon, or Morena Baccarin. This journal is for role play purposes only.

· Voicemail ·